French customers visit our factory

On October 22, 2019, French company Altra came to visit our factory. Discussed the cooperation of spare parts on Bauer (Frequency Motor), Wichita, Twiflex, Stromag (heavy clutch and brake).


By General Manager Thomas and Purchasing Manager TANG, Michel visited the equipment, the machining process, and showed great interest in the brake shafts, brake housings and other parts of our current ThyssenKrupp elevators. Highly appraised, I hope to increase cooperation with us.

The 18th anniversary of the ETCN plant has an annual production value of 100 million. Our product features "Processing China, Asian countries (Taiwan, Japan, Korea...) and most of the materials of Western countries.

-steel, stainless steel

-Copper, bronze


-Plastic, rubber, composite materials

 Internal calibration / calibration

Custom shape and surface treatment

Annual batches from a few to a few thousand

Accuracy up to 5~10 microns


CNC grinding / centerless grinding / grinding outer circle / grinding inner diameter

Test equipment = projector, three coordinates, hardness tester, torque meter, roughness measuring instrument

Internal production fixtures

Since 2005, we have strategically reorganized our production base and become experts in dedicated precision machining parts for customers in China and the West.

Our workshops offer thousands of different parts, ranging from 50 to thousands.

We provide the safety and reliability of renowned international names with all quality certifications, labor, environmental and tax compliance, while providing highly competitive quotes to hundreds of international clients. 


Post time: Oct-29-2019
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